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The Soap Blog

15 Reasons Why Handmade Soap is Better

There are many benefits of handmade soap crafted with only high-quality, natural ingredients such as essential oils

What is special about kaolin clay?

What is Kaolin clay and when used in soap, how can it benefit the skin? It is known to have healing properties that help nourish and cleanse, assisting numerous skin conditions to improve the look and feel of your skin.

11 benefits of coffee soap to help brighten your skin

Coffee soap is a perfect type of soap to combat dull skin with added benefits, to leave you skin constantly feeling smooth and healthy!

What Soap is Best for Sensitive Skin?

Are you wondering what the best soap for sensitive skin is? If your skin is sensitive, you need to be careful of what you put on it. Certain ingredients can irritate the skin, and it helps to know what you can put on, as well as what you need to...

5 Benefits of Sustainably Sourced Soap

Swapping from a mass-produced body wash to a sustainably sourced soap is one small step someone can take towards living a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

15 Benefits of Shea Butter in Soap

In Africa, there is a type of wood better known as Karite. This particular wood contains nuts with excellent natural ingredients for both the body and hair. These nuts are harvested and undergo a stringent process of grinding and cooking in order to extract them from their natural fats. Shea...

Is Almond Soap Good For The Skin?

Is Almond Soap Good for Skin? Almond soap is a luxurious variety of soap that you may not be familiar with. Until now. Its rich and deep properties offer a solution for people suffering with a plethora of skin conditions. Almond oil contains very high amounts of vitamin E, unsaturated...

Why Handmade Soap Is More Fun and Better For You than Buying From a Big Box Store

Soap artisans put plenty of care and attention into each bar of handmade soap. Sticking to natural ingredients only ensures their soaps offer far superior quality than commercial soaps.

The Benefits of Using Handmade, Natural Soap via the Cold Process Method vs Commercially Made Detergents

There are many benefits of using soaps that have been crafted by hand. A marketing benefit, one of which is usually not the reason people buy with these types of companies, is that buying these items will usually be in support of small or local businesses. While there are big...