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15 Benefits of Shea Butter in Soap

In Africa, there is a type of wood better known as Karite. This particular wood contains nuts with excellent natural ingredients for both the body and hair. These nuts are harvested and undergo a stringent process of grinding and cooking in order to extract them from their natural fats. Shea butter is created purely from this fat. Natural shea butter is an excellent and effective organic natural care product and when it is used within soap, it offers an impeccable daily solution to dry and damaged skin. 

An artisan soap company offering a one-of-a-kind product, Prohibition Soap, creates responsibly sourced soap with natural oils. Every bar of soap is unique, which allows you to appreciate and bask in the nurturing elements of this soap. So what exactly are the major benefits of shea butter soap for the skin? 

The top vitamins

Both of these main vitamins are found in shea butter:

Vitamin E: Vitamin E is for the protective line of your skin: it uses its antioxidants to act as a natural anti-inflammatory to calm and cool.

Vitamin F: This vitamin is for the nourishment of your skin which aids in smoothing rough and dry skin, nurturing scaly skin cells that appear on the top layer. 

1. Shea butter heals the skin 

Shea butter is known for its healing properties, because it contains healthy fats that help the skin regenerate and heal. Pure shea butter can be applied to areas of the skin that suffer from rashes, sunburn and sores to relieve pain and speed healing. Shea butter can also help improve the look and feel of scars, stretch marks, and bites.

2. Shea butter contains antioxidant qualities 

Antioxidants are essential to the skin and can promote overall healthy looking skin, including the ageing process. Essentially, shea butter soap can be used as part of an anti-aging routine that can be incorporated easily into your lifestyle. 

3. Shea butter contains anti-inflammatory properties 

Shea butter also contains fatty acids which exhibit anti-inflammatory properties that are known to assist with inflammation control in the body. Using shea butter soap can relieve joint pain in the elderly and can help with various skin infections. 

4. Shea butter is a natural substitute for sunscreen 

Shea butter serves as a natural sunscreen in that it provides protection from the sun’s ultraviolet radiation, and when you use shea butter soap, it can provide a minor protection from the sun’s rays. It may not be a substitute for applying sunscreen before going to the beach in the summer, but it can certainly provide another layer of natural protection. 

5. Shea butter is a natural anti-aging cosmetic product 

Shea butter is sold as an anti-aging product because it helps prevent the formation of wrinkles in the skin, by improving the overall elasticity. In addition, it enriches the skin with moisture without damaging the skin with other harsh chemicals that are common in moisturizing creams.  Over time these toxins will impair the skin's ability to maintain a youthful appearance. If you want to maintain skin moisture while maintaining a healthy glow, shea butter is your natural solution and is still highly nourishing when using it as a soap. 

6. Shea butter moisturizes well 

Shea butter in soap is easily absorbed into the skin and offers it moisture and protection over time, which means you may need to use less of your regular daily moisturiser. 

7. Treats Acne And Blemishes

Shea butter is non-comedogenic, so it will not clog or affect the pores on your skin. If you have acne and blemishes, you most certainly could benefit from incorporating shea butter soap into your skincare routine, as directed by your dermatologist, of course.

8. Great for preventing and treating stretch marks and scars

We are all prone to scarring, and it can be difficult to reduce the appearances of blemishes on the skin after you have had them for numerous months. You may notice that your stretch marks will look improved after multiple uses.

9. Soothes burns

If you have suffered any type of burn, including sunburn, you may want to include shea butter soap into your routine to soothe the area. It’s nurturing properties are known to calm and relieve irritated skin.

10. No oily residue

Because shea butter is nourishing and not oily, and it won’t leave the skin looking or feeling oily. In fact, there is no residue left on the skin after absorption, therefore it will not irritate and settles very easily on the skin. 

11. It helps promote cell regeneration

When the skin is damaged or sore, regeneration of the cells is essential. This can be done through multiple methods, including supplementation. However, the use of shea butter soap can assist in promoting cell and tissue repair.

12. Could reduce dandruff and psoriasis

Although psoriasis often affects the scalp, you can use shea butter soap gently on the scalp with your hands before washing your hair. It can assist in rejuvenating the scalp to promote better hair growth and lessen the appearance of dandruff.

13. May help soothe insect bites

If you have been bitten by mosquitos or any other type of insect, your skin may feel red, sore and can even be aggravated by poor choices in the skin products you use. Use shea butter soap to soothe itching and promote skin health.

14. Relieve congestion

If you choose to use a gentle shea butter soap on your face, the residue of the oils can activate the sinuses and help with congestion issues. 

15. Reduce razor irritation and bumps

Often when shaving, you can be left with irritated bumpy legs from the inflammation of the hair follicles. Using shea butter soap the next time you shave can help to eliminate this issue and leave your skin smooth and soft.

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