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Who doesn't love fancy cocktails, Mafia noir, or being clean?

I started Prohibition Soap because I've spent years of my life thinking I had dry skin. It turns out it was because I was showering in detergent.

One day at work while doing some unrelated research I discovered how to make soap. As it turns out the concept is relatively simple yet difficult to master. Thanks to life experience, I have a good knowledge base of chemistry and decided to try it myself. After the first time, I was hooked. 

From day one I developed my own recipes. I refused to ever copy off of someone else, even to learn. It's a point of pride for me that every bar I make is genuinely my own design.

Then I came up with a wonderful idea. What if I could somehow turn this venture of my life into benefiting other veterans as well? I am a former Marine and Combat Veteran. This is very important to me and a big part of my personality. I also want to help other veterans in any way that I can. Well in 2019 my old unit, Charlie Company 1st battalion 4th Marines, 3rd platoon (I was 1st platoon) was selected by Reuniting After War and offered to host a reunion. One of my brothers asked if I would go and of course, I said yes. Long story short, the work that RAW does is incredible and even life-saving. So as soon as I founded Prohibition Soap I wanted to dedicate a line of soap just for RAW. My way of saying thanks and helping other vets.

If you've made it this far, you're awesome, and thanks!