Why You Should Start Applying Beard Oil

Why You Should Start Applying Beard Oil

Why You Should Start Applying Beard Oil


If you're a guy with a beard, chances are you know how important it is to take care of your mane. Since beards can be prone to breakage and damage from styling products or just from general wear and tear, it's important to use the right products in order to keep your face fuzz nice and healthy.

If there was ever one product every bearded man should have in his arsenal of facial hair care supplies, that would be beard oil. Although it may sound like an unnecessary luxury item at first glance (and let's face it—it kind of is), beard oil has several benefits for guys who like their whiskers long enough for people to notice them at the grocery store checkout line or on the subway platform.

Beard oil is an essential part of beard grooming that you'll soon wonder how you went without!

It can be used in conjunction with other beard products, such as balms or waxes. In addition to keeping your beard looking and feeling healthy, it also helps prevent beardruff (dandruff from the neck area), ingrown hairs, and skin irritation. Beard oil has many benefits for both short-term and long-term use:

  • Helps moisturize dry skin on your face and neck

  • Helps soften coarse hair so that it's easier to style

  • Provides nutrients for healthier hair growth

Nourishes the hair.

Beard oil is made of luxurious natural oils that nourish the hair. It prevents itching and dryness, leaving your beard soft to the touch.

The oil will also make your beard look healthy and shiny. The best time to use beard oil is after you shower when the pores are open.

Tames frizz, knots and split ends.

Beard oil also helps to tame frizz, knots, and split ends. The natural oils in beard oil help to soften the hair on your face while also conditioning it so that it's easier to comb through when you're styling it.

When applied properly, beard oil can prevent split ends from occurring at all by keeping them soft and smooth. This will help keep you looking fresh even if there are less-than-ideal conditions for growing out your facial hair (like high humidity or cold weather).

Moisturizes hair to promote softness and shine.

Our beard oil leads with organic golden jojoba oil, which is rich in vitamin E and helps to moisturize your hair. Golden jojoba is one of the best oils for growing healthy hair because it mimics our body's natural sebum (oil) production.

In addition to being a great moisturizer, argan oil is also an excellent conditioner that promotes a healthy shine. We add just enough to give you softness without weighing down your beard or making it greasy-looking--and we don't use any fillers like paraffin waxes or fractionated coconut oil that can irritate sensitive skin on your face or neck area!

Improves the overall appearance of your beard.

Beard oil is designed to improve the overall appearance of your beard. Whether you're growing it out for the first time or have been rocking a full face forest for years, beard oil can make all the difference in how your facial hair looks and feels.

  • Improves the look: Beard oil helps keep stray hairs in place while providing some hold and definition so that they don't stick straight out like porcupine quills when styled with products like waxes or pomades. If you want an even more polished look, try applying some balm after applying a few drops of oil; this will help keep everything in place all day long without looking too heavy-handed (and let's face it--there's nothing worse than having someone tell you "You need more product.").

  • Improves health: If anything else has taught us anything about our bodies recently, it's that keeping things moisturized leads to healthier skin--and that includes beards! Beard growth depends largely on sebum production (which means "oil") from sebaceous glands within each follicle; without proper hydration levels being maintained throughout each day, those cells may become clogged up with dead skin cells instead of producing healthy oils needed for optimal growth potentials.

  • Improves smell: Many men use cologne or perfume every morning before leaving their homes because they want themselves smelling good enough so others won't notice any unpleasant odors coming off them either on purpose or accidentally during physical contact situations such as hugs/handshakes etcetera...but what most people don't realize is that these substances actually prevent natural body odors from escaping through sweating pores instead masking them over the top so both parties end up smelling bad.


Beard oil is a great way to take your beard care to the next level. Not only does it moisturize and nourish your hair, but it also makes it look healthier and fuller. If you want the best results from using beard oil then be sure to check out our selection at https://prohibitionsoap.com/collections/beard-oil

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