Why Our Premium Beard Products Are the Best

Why Our Premium Beard Products Are the Best

If you have ever shopped for beard oil, beard butter, or beard growth serums, you know there is no shortage of beard products on the market.

Although beard products are truly a dime a dozen nowadays, high-quality beard products that work are a lot harder to find.

There are sustainably sourced beard oils and butters that fail to deliver on their promises, leaving your beard unkempt and coarse. There are beard products that will make your beard look fuller and feel softer, but they are full of harsh chemicals that will damage your hair in the long run.

At Prohibition Soap, we believe men shouldn’t have to compromise on their beard care; they should be able to enjoy effective products made with responsibly sourced ingredients.

That’s why we have worked tirelessly to create the best beard products for men.

If you’ve been searching for new oils, balms, and butters for your beard, here are three reasons why you should consider our line of premium beard care products:

1. We use superior oils

We make all of the oil products in our beard line with the best oils on Earth. We use large amounts of Organic Golden Jojoba oil and Argan oil for our beard oils, which not only smell amazing, but also soften and hydrate beard hair, provide vitamins A, C, and K, and promote healthy skin and hair growth.

Native to North America, Golden Jojoba oil has a host of benefits including hair regrowth and  dry skin healing properties. Argan oil also has health benefits like moisturizing, deep-conditioning, and detangling hair.

When applied to your beard, these oils will help prevent breakage while stimulating growth and keeping your beard feeling soft.

Because we recognize the benefits of these two oils, we use them liberally when making our beard oils. Unlike other beard care lines that mainly use low-quality oils and then finish their products with trace amounts of Golden Jojoba oil and/or Argan oil, our products start with the best oils, we don’t just end with them.

Consider purchasing our Kentucky Bourbon Beard Oil or our Birchwood Oud Beard Oil both made with superior oils for superior quality and a long-lasting scent you’ll love.

2. We use luxurious butters

Our beard oils aren’t the only products we make with high-quality ingredients. We also use luxurious butters like shea and mango butters for our beard balms and butters.

Shea butter is full of vitamins and nutrients that stimulate beard growth, has naturally sealing properties that lock in moisture and tame fly-aways, and has anti-inflammatory properties that will help your beard grow faster.

In addition to smelling great, mango butter serves as an emolliant with moisturizing and smoothing properties.

When you purchase a beard butter or balm from Prohibition Soap, you can trust that your products will help your beard grow and stay moisturized without a greasy finish thanks to our use of shea and mango butters.

We recommend our Tobacco & Bay Leaf Beard Balm for a fresh, outdoorsy scent that you’re sure to enjoy or our Capodecina Beard Butter for a citrusy, masculine scent.

3. We avoid cheap carrier oils and chemicals

We have the best beard growth products because they are free from cheap carrier oils and chemicals.

Carrier oils are vegetable oils used to dilute essential oils before they are absorbed by the skin, reducing skin irritation. However, not all carrier oils are made equal. While some carrier oils provide conditioning, anti-aging, hair rejuvinating, and moisturizing properties, others are cheap and can cause more harm than good.

Because they are more affordable, some beard care lines rely on cheap carrier oils that can irritate the skin, leave behind an oily residue, and limit hair growth. In order to make their products more effective and aromatic while still using these oils, they have to include harsh chemicals like parabens, sulfates, phthalates, and synthetic fragrances.

It is not healthy for your face and beard to be exposed to these chemicals on a daily basis, and they are a poor substitute for higher-quality oils.

That’s why at Prohibition Soap, we avoid cheap carrier oils and chemicals in favor of rich oils like Organic Golden Jojoba oil and Argan oil.

Your search for the best beard care products ends here. We promise you’ll love our products, and we’re willing to back up our claim with a money back guarantee.

Find your next beard care products today when you visit our website.

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  • Garrisson Joslin

    Great product! Been using prohibition beard products for about 2 months now I’ve tried several different brands and this is by far the best I’ve found.

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