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Soap Starter Kit


Don't know where to start? Looking for an easy gift? The Starter Kit includes a variety of Prohibition Soap's most popular bars plus a free handcrafted soap dish!




Can't make up your mind on which soap to start with? Want to be one of the "cool kids" and only buy what's popular? Well, you're in luck! This awesome Starter Kit includes 4 of our best-selling bar soaps.

What could be better than that you ask? Well, you also get a FREE hand-crafted cedar soap dish!

Since our soap is made in small batches, your Starter Kit can include 4 of the following:


Kentucky Bourbon

Soft on the nose with a smooth finish. Our Kentucky Bourbon bar is as classic as it gets. End of story.

Old Fashioned

Everyone loves an Old Fashioned...This Old Fashioned bar holds up to its namesake. A punch of smokey whiskey topped off with sweet cherry and orange.


Motorcycle sidecars aren’t as cool anymore, but the Sidecar cocktail is cooler than the ice used to shake it. This citrus bar packs a seriously distinguished fruity punch.


The favored cocktail of Al Capone. This citrusy, yet masculine soap will surely “get you further than a handshake and a gun”.

Ward 8

Created by a politician, but don’t worry you can trust this bar. Juicy orange and lemon complement a smooth bourbon finish in this sudsy bar.


Arguably, the second best thing to come from Cuba, the Mojito cocktail. Fresh lime and crisp mint really set this off. Lather up a Mojito bar and dive into a relaxing, tropical experience.


Every single bar is made by hand. No assembly lines here!


Small batch means every bar of handmade soap is unique.

Responsibly Sourced Ingredients

Oils and colorants are ethically sourced and environmentally sustainable.

Soap Starter Kit